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Welcome to RibFest 2014

Join us for the 17th annual BBQ RibFest being held Thursday June 19th through June 22nd at Headwaters Park downtown Fort Wayne, IN.

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Jack On The Bone

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Jack Daniels on ribs, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaah!!!

The owner, David Amstutz, has the practice and touch to make your
mouth come back for more. The tender, smoked ribs and complex blend
of tastes in the sauce, including Jack Daniels® Tennessee Whiskey, create
the ultimate ribbing flavor.
Awards given to Jack on the Bone
are a statement of their superior ribs.
The awards include Toronto, Canada
RibFest 1st place runner-up;
Northeast Pennsylvania – Best Ribs
and Best Sauce; Burlinton, Canada –
Canada’s Largest Rib-Fest – 1st place
Best Ribs and 1st place Best Pig Rig;
Columbus Jazz & Rib-Fest – Ohio’s
Largest Rib-Fest, the Big Wig Award
for Best Ribs.
Come try us and let the Jack Girls take care of you and allow you to taste
what jack on the Bone stands for!